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Electric fireplaces

Our electric fireplaces are heaters powered by electricity and mimic the appearance of burning of coal, wood or natural gas. Our electric fireplaces serve both functional and decorative purposes.The electric fireplace has added conveniences giving users the option to use the "flame only" setting which provides the visual effect of a burning flame as creative home decoration only or can be used as a heater as well. Our electric fireplaces are generally classified into framed electric fireplaces and non-framed electric fireplaces and are offered in various sizes and can heat an area of up to 40 square metres.

Our framed electric fireplace typically has a fireplace core installed in a frame or mantel and we categorise our framed electric fireplaces into three series based on the major raw materials of the frames or mantels: (i) inorganic series; (ii) wood series and (iii) natural stone series. To cater for the diverse preferences of customers, we offer mantels in a variety of styles. Our non-framed electric fireplaces include portable models or wall-mounted models. Our non-framed electric fireplaces are typically stand-alone electric fireplaces and are offered in a various sizes, colours and styles. As of 31 December 2015, we offered more than 280 models of electric fireplaces for selection by customers.

Home decor products

We offer a wide range of home decor products including outdoor gardening decoration items and indoor crafts. Our home decor products include decoration items for everyday use and products that may be used for different occasions and seasonal celebrations, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We offer home decor products in a variety of sizes ranging from mini-figurines to indoor decoration crafts such as vases, photo frames and sculptures to larger-sized products including fountains, waterfalls and patio furniture such as tables and stools for outdoor use. Our home decor products are categorised into three series based on the major raw materials of the products: (i) polyresin series; (ii) porcelain series and (iii) inorganic series. As of 31 December 2015, we offered more than 5,000 pieces of home decor products for selection by customers.

Air Purifiers

The Group's research and development team has joined hands with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (上海理工大學) during the year to develop electric fireplaces with air purifying function and other products under our air purifier series. In this series of products, China Creative Home was the first in the PRC to form its core technology which was adapted from internationally-advanced technologies to address domestic demand for more localized characteristics, thereby securing the technological advances of its air purifiers. The air purifier series products provide diversified offerings in styles, principally in standalone products, products attached to electric fireplaces and vehicle-mounted products. As of 31 December 2015, we offered 5 models of air purifier products.