About Us

Our Competitive Strengths

Our Allen (亚伦) brand is well recognised in the industry

We strive to build and maintain our brand and reputation in the PRC branded electric fireplace market and home decor product market. Our Allen (亚伦) brand was accredited as a Famous Trademark of Fujian Province (福建省著名商標) by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Fujian Province in respect of our electric fireplaces in 2012, a Well-known Trademark of the PRC (中國馳標商标) in respect of homedecor products by the SAIC in 2011 and an Electric Fireplace Leading Brand in China (中國爐壁場領軍领军品牌) by the China Industrial Association of Industrial Economics Research Centre (中國產業報協會產業經濟調研中心) and China Competitiveness Forum Summit Organising Committee (中國論壇力會動會会活动组委会) in 2011. We were also accredited as China's Top Ten Energy Saving Building Application of New Technology (中國建節減能减應十大朮用新技术) in 2010 and 2011 China Building Energy-Saving Innovative Recommended Brand (2011年中國建節減創减朮创新技术推荐品牌) by the China Green Building Industry and Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance (中國建節減產業聯产业联盟) and China Urban Housing Industry Council (中國城市住產業會理事会). We believe that our capabilities in designing and developing our products have allowed us to differentiate our Allen (亚伦) brand from those of our competitors and have helped increase our brand recognition.

We are one of the leading branded electric fireplaces manufacturers in the PRC

With our experience in the electric fireplace industry, our design and development capabilities and focus on quality control and product safety, we believe that we have established a leading market position in the PRC. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report,we ranked first capturing approximately 11.1% of the market share of the branded electric fireplace market in terms of revenue in 2012 in the PRC. In terms of the overall electric fireplace market in the PRC, we ranked third capturing approximately 2.6% of the total market share of the overall electric fireplace market in the PRC in terms of revenue in 2012. We were selected in 2011 by the China Association for Engineering Construction Standardisation (中國工程設標協會化协会) as the only electric fireplace manufacturer in the PRC to be involved in the process of developing and compiling the industry regulation and standard of electric fireplaces in the PRC in recognition of our leading market position in the PRC.

We have the capabilities in product design and development

To maintain competitiveness in the market, we believe that it is crucial to offer trendy and a diversified range of products and upgrade existing products to adapt to market trends and be at the forefront of product design and development. As such, we believe that our strong product design and development capabilities are crucial to our growth and to sustain our competitiveness. Our product designers are responsible for the artistic design of our products, and our technical staff are responsible for the assessment of technical feasibility of our products from various aspects such as functionality, safety standard and production technology. As of 31 December 2015, our design and technical team consisted of over 120 staffs.

Through our design and development centre located in our production facilities in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the PRC, we design and develop our electric fireplaces and home decor products to cater for the preferences of our targeted customers and offer a diversified range of products to the market. We also have the ability to apply our registered patents to develop and improve our products. Our registered patents are used in the production of the imitated flame of our electric fireplaces. As of the Latest Practicable Date, we owned 43 patents in the PRC.

We focus on quality control and product safety

We place emphasis on the quality and safety of our products. Our electric fireplaces are required to comply with the safety and quality standards under the China Compulsory Certification (中國認證认证) administered by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the PRC (國認監認认可监員會理委员会), and our home decor products are required to pass the tests of hazardous substances upon requests of our certain overseas customers. We also submit our electric fireplace samples for verification of compliance with certain industry and safety standards. Our electric fireplaces bear the "ETL" and "CSA" mark as proof of product compliance with the safety standards in North America and Canada, respectively. In addition, our electric fireplaces also carry the "CE" and "GS" marks to show that they meet the safety standards required for electric fireplaces sold in Europe and Germany, respectively. As a result of our stringent quality and safety control policies, we have obtained the ISO 9001 and the ISO 140001 certifications. We believe that our continuous implementation of strict quality control and safety standards will assure the quality of our products and help to maintain our reputation.

We have established long-term business relationships with our major customers

We have established strong business relationships with some of our major customers. Our Directors believe that one of our strengths is our ability to secure and maintain long-term business relationships with our major customers. As of 31 December 2015, our top five customers had m​​aintained business relationships with us for an average of five years. We believe that our stable product quality and our ability to deliver a wide range of products to our customers have enabled us to earn recurring business from our major customers. We also believe that with a stable customer base, we are well positioned to implement our expansion plans.

We offer wide range of products

As a result of our capabilities to design and develop new products, we are able to offer a wide range of products to our customers to cater for different preferences and to meet various requirements. Our electric fireplaces are generally sold with frames or as non-framed in various sizes. Our electric fireplaces can be fitted with frames or mantels made from inorganic materials, wood and natural stone such as marble. To cater for the diverse preferences of customers, we offer frames or mantels in various styles such as European , American, Chinese, Mediterranean, classical, baroque, rococo, country rustic, postmodern and modern styles. Our non-framed or stand-alone electric fireplaces include portable models or wall-mounted models. As of 31 December 2015, we offered more than 280 models of electric fireplaces for selection by customers.

The home decor products we offer include gardening decorations and indoor crafts in a variety of sizes, styles and designs. Our home decor products are generally made from polyresin, porcelain and inorganic materials. Gardening decoration items are used for garden, yard and landscape enhancement, including fountains, waterfalls, figurines, statue, seasonal ornaments and outdoor sculptures, and indoor crafts include seasonal decoration items, mini-figurines, crafts and sculptures. As of 31 December 2015, we offered more than 5,000 pieces of home decor products for selection by customers.